Arab Parrot op dat interview

Mijn favoriete weblog is al een tijdje The Arab Parrot. Reza Nader schiet niet alleen heel dope fotootjes, papi weet wat-is-áán en zeikt al die streetwear- en imitatiepapi’s af zoals ik dat ook graag doe. Die Arabier uit LA is mad funny. Ik vroeg Reza wat vraagjes en hij mailde me netjes terug. Hier dan:

Maaaaayn I love your blog. What made you decide to put your daily revelations on the interwebs?

“I eat, drink, & sleep the Parrot it has consumed my life. I love taking photo's and do so with the intention of telling a story of what I did and what I saw that day or night. I decided the day after my bday last year to start a blog & I always wanted it to grow bigger and it has, I'm proud of that.”

My girl thought you looked like Bin Laden on crack. Ever got weird looks from people thinking you're Al Qaida or something?

“Yeah I been getting terrorist jokes since I was a kid, I LOVE IT.”

You got a very critical view on the whole streetwear- and hipsterculture…

“I can't stand the word Streetwear, I also can't stand these punk guppy kids who think their street, & I can't stand the majority of people who make it either. I get plenty of bad looks wherever I go, but at the end of the day I think I represent a lot of people who think that shit is gay, even the streetwear companies think that shit is gay but it's their bread n butter so you won't hear it from them.”

Have you ever been in a fight?

“I've been in a few fights in my life, I grew up in NY so High School was all about beef, especially my senior year in 94. But I don't condone or advocate violence, I'll rather survey & slay with my words. Plus beef at this age is just super gay.”

Whats the nastiest thing your willing to do for some internetfame?

“Hmmm, well I''m in the process of suing Steve Aoki for landing on my head during a stage dive, I'm pushing my lawyer to settle for all you can eat at Benihana for the rest of my days.”

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