Meet sweet sweet Muffy

Leuke liedjes moeten gepushed worden. Muffy is een mooi meisje uit Atlanta die met haar nieuwe pokoe ‘Sweet’ een hoop internetfaam gaat behalen. Ik kan je natuurlijk allemaal dingetjes vertellen maar dat kan ze zelf natuurlijk beter. Download Sweet en lees hieronder wie Muffy is en waar die song nou eigenlijk over gaat. Holla.

Who’s Muffy?

"Muffy IS ME... Muffy ss the part of American Poverty that you never get to hear from Because the media likes to make it seem like we are all hardcore thugs.... Muffy is bubbles from the Power Puff Girls. Muffy is Japanamation. And as far fetch as it may seem Muffy is Erykah Badu.. Muffy is art in it's most simple and rare form... (giggles) I'm alot of good Stuff.. I'm mainly love..."

The song ‘Sweet’ is about gettin and exploiting wealthy friends? Doesn’t that make you a golddigger?

"Yeah I know it seem thoughtless and meaningless.. But the Song "Sweet” means a whole lot to me... I'm not a Gold digger.. It is not even talking bout me...Check it it's similar to like when a CHILD draws a picture of what he see's.. He becomes the painter and what he paints is apart of him but not who he actually is.. For me it is my own melodic poem story that tells about the women I grew up seeing, gettin money in the ghetto's of black America. Hustlin the men to get Gucci Bags and Coogi Sweaters, shoesboots etc. etc.. Sum hood shit..

So the song is bout what I've seen... and as a ghetto princess of America have admired for years, I can't lie.. But I've grown a lot and I am able to see things for what they are. I've always known that being a women means more than a Chanel bag... So I just wrote a fun song about it... Guess it was the mood I was in when I heard the beat (lol).. Maybe I was pretending I was like them.. Fantazin..."

Who are the Battery 5 guys that produced the song?

"Battery 5 ... I can't wait to work with them a again.. I think they understand me and my music.. Head ROCk is my favorite beat maker out the group... I Live for His MUSIC.. They All ROCK.."

Download Sweet hier dan:

Muffy – Sweet (zshare)

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  1. hey Rory,

    Ik heb even een link geplaatst naar de Muffy-post én naar Swurdin.net Zoals het hoort.

    Was het vergeten: toen ik mijn post af had was ik blij dat 'ie klaar was.

    Dus bij deze, nu issie compleet! Nogmaals thanks, keep the good work up!


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