Scottie B meets Swurdin

Vrijdag staat eindbaws, Godfather en originator van de Baltimore Club Scottie B in Paradiso. Scottie loopt al 20 jaar mee in de clubscéne en is medeverantwoordelijk voor de sound die we hedendaags Bmore noemen. Daarnaast runt hij zijn label Unruly Records en draait hij wereldwijd plaatjes om die fight/fuckmusic te verspreiden..

Goed moment om Scottie B wat vraagjes te stellen. Here we go…

How does the being from Baltimore part of Baltimore Club affect the music? What makes it Baltimore?

”Bmore club is all about the energy, and at the same time, the rawness, the production being kinda limited. Its for clubs, not for computer speakers!!”

Club Music is gettin more and more attention. Is this eventually a good or a bad thing?

“Good!! Anything positive is a good step.”

I guess its all about getting that positive attention. What direction would you like to see Club Music get into?

”I basically would like to see its place stay the same. what I mean by that is, I really don’t wanna see it become commercial. I like it as a DJ music. but I do like the outside, underground influences that people are interpreting it into.”

Which artists would you like to colab with outside the Club Scene? Whatabout the Cool Kids?

You just said it. Cool Kids and Pitbull.

What music are you into next to Baltimore Club?

I grew up playing Chicago house and hip hop, lil 80's and reggae. Don’t wanna tell ya my age. but I played them when they happened.

March 7th your spinning in Paradiso. What do you expect of Amsterdam and what can Amsterdam expect of you?

"Its gonna be good times! Gonna give em what they want and lil unexpected also!!! No maybe's - I wanna see YOU there!!!"

7 Maart, Paradiso tijdens Big Booty Express. Verder is Beesmunt daar naast Wix en ik ben er natuurlijk. We gaan áán ouwes.

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