Baltimore is 2010

Baltimore gaat keihard. Niet alleen de club music doet het goed, Rolling Stone riep Baltimore uit tot stad met de beste Rock scéne. In de nieuwsbrief van Trendcentral (aanrader) spreken ze zelfs van een Baltimore Buzz. Baltimore staat bekend als een harde stad die te kampen heeft met problemen als armoede, geweld en leegstand. Goed om wat positieve dingen over deze stad te horen. Ik geloof echt dat uit armoede en een gebrek aan middelen de beste dingen ontstaan.

Hier een copy-paste van de nieuwsbrief:


While Baltimore isn't typically thought of alongside artist hubs such as Brooklyn or Echo Park, the city is gaining increasing buzz as a creative hotbed. Perhaps because it doesn't operate directly in the cliquey circles of its coastal counterparts (and not to mention its comparably cheaper rent!), Baltimore's music and art scenes are attracting notice among outsiders.

While Baltimore has played a role in the inspiration for mainstream music and film over the past few decades (notably, as the setting of John Waters' oeuvre), its role in popular TV shows such as HBO's The Wire and the Food Network's Ace of Cakes has garnered recent attention. The explosion of bands coming out of Baltimore may seem akin to the "Brookyn band" saturation of the last couple years, but the sounds that these groups are producing run the gamut. The most well known music artist to call Baltimore home is probably Dan Deacon, whose electro art rock - along with rigorous tour schedule - has made him a hipster favorite; other groups garnering praise include Beach House, Ecstatic Sunshine, Ponytail and Video Hippos. Of course, every cultural breeding ground needs an incubator: underground warehouse space Wham City is making major waves not only as an art gallery/performance space, but also as a connector for the city's many dynamic and talented individuals.

While we don't expect to see a mass immigration to Maryland anytime soon, it's worth keeping an eye on the Baltimore buzz. As the word continues to spread, we can't wait to see what comes out of CharmCity next!”


Nina Simone – Baltimore (zshare)

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  1. Beach House is gefuckingweldig. check anders ook Celebration: http://www.myspace.com/celebrationcelebration

  2. Ja? Ik weet niet Celebration vindt ik dan weer wel dope.

    Beach House is wel weer 6 juni in Utrecht..


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