DJ Sega op dat interview

Ik introduceerde je een tijdje terug aan DJ Sega. Sega is een van de meest opvallende en veelbelovende Club Music producenten van het moment. Niet voor niets zijn 7 van de 8 tracks op de nieuwe Hollertronix LP zijn van zijn hand. Woowzers.

Een paar vraagjes voor deze vader uit Philly.

How did you get into producing?

"It was kinda of a hobby at first. It was and still is an outlet for me. I've always had ideas and music in my head since I learned the remixed existed. I try to have a little bit of everything in my music."

How would you define your sound?

"I love a lot of genres, so i included them within my production. I like to try to maximize the experience of my music."

There is a lot of creative, young musical talent coming out of Philly. Can you describe the Club Music scene?

"All ages have their own way of lifestyle for this music. You have the "Nerds", the "Rockstars", the "80s Babies", and the "B-Boys". Those are just some of the types. Then you have the dances, the dress attire, etc. It's almost a theraputic experience."

I heard clubs in Philly only open till 2, what happens after that hour?

"Some people go from one club to another, others throw their own afterhour party, some even got so tired from the first party, they call it a night."

What's would you say is the difference between Baltimore and Philly club music?

"I think Baltimore Club Music is a lot more original and repetitive. Back in the day they made only two types. Fight music and fuck music. Philly Club Music has more of wider selection of types and remixes of songs you used to love. I like to make people fall in love with their old favorites all over again; no matter what genre."

Een paar van Sega's tracks download je nog steeds hiero.

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Zijn bangin Rockstars vs Clubheadz mixtape koop je via Juno.

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  1. komt die nog in nederland ofzo? =o

  2. Ik weet niet dude is net aan het blowen in de VS dus dat kan nog wel even duren.. Of we moeten hem een keer zelf hierheen halen haha..


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