Q&A - StereoHeroes

Drie posts hieronder liet ik je twee hele nice tracks van de StereoHeroes horen. Twee gasten uit France en naar mijn mening the next big thing.

- Tell me about StereoHeroes? Who are you guys?

We are two guys from France. We are 26 and 28 years old. We used to do a lot of things (music, dj, radio shows, party promotion) before we decided to start working together as Stereo Heroes. Now this duo is our main project for almost a year.

- Do you think Justice made producer/dj duo's big again?

Probably for the youngest yes. But it's always been a pleasure to work in duo configuration. It's great to exchange ideas and it's a lot more fun on travel/stage.

- So what are your heroes right now?

You know, just the habitual heroes, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, we are simple guys! And without speaking of politics, our french president must have super powers or a great private jet, he can be everywhere in the world nearly at the same time everyday!

Musically, Mr Oizo is still a super hero, a legend, he just proved he's the best again!

- Do you think Monoloser is a good bandname?

Not sure, seriously you should try it! Maybe with a good costume!

- I saw you guys were in China, any other BIG things coming up for the 2k9?

2k8 been amazing for us, and even more knowing it was our first year of existence. We've been to China, Australia, Japan, a lot of cities in Europe. Let's hope 2K9 will be even better. We are now starting to organize big things! We hope we will go to America, and the Netherlands of course!

Thanks guys!

Dat laatste zit er trouwens sneller aan te komen dan je nu denkt. Kick It & Midnight Sons download je hier. Meer op die verdraaide Hype Machine.

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  1. Heej je kan niet alles hebben! Die gasten zijn tof.

  2. Precies, die gasten weten wel weer elke keer met keiharde nummers te komen.. Ben benieuwd hoe ze dat binnenkort hier gaan doen


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