Dit is een klein gevalletje van mosterd na de maaltijd, de innovatieve bassliefhebbers van Schlachthofbronx stonden namelijk afgelopen vrijdag in de OT301. Geen nood, ondanks dat mosterd na de maaltijd totaal overbodig en niet te vreten is waren ze toch bereid even te praten, via de mail that is.

Can you shortly introduce yourselfs? We are three guys from Munich doing music (2 DJ's / producers, one drummer) and met in our neighborhood.

Your music use a lotta influences from different kinda bass en new world music. How did you get into these kinda types of music? We're always looking for new stuff from everywhere. Parties here started to get boring for us and we wanted to have a sound that changes styles a lot AND gets people to go apeshit. When we play you probaly wont hear the same style longer than 4 minutes...

Local bass music styles really seems to be the next big thing after the whole electro thingy.. whats your vision? We'll probaly keep on working with unusual samples/instruments and right now we re really into uptempo soca and meringue stuff but anyway: will stick to the 'it has to work in the club' - thing.

Do you guys have any weird backstage rituals? Drinking tea.

Hahaha, so whats the future? We have an album coming out, an EP and another one with the South African Slush Puppy Kids. Also we'll play as much as we can and maybe we'll start playing stuff as a band..

Ok thanks. Die gasten staat hier Augustus weer maar daar hebben we het dan wel over.

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  1. Ik wou even experimenteren met de layout, maar volgens mij is dit best kut en niemand gaat het lezen right? Haha.


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